Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Hindu Dispatch Work - Some Documents

I am publishing some documents of that I received and some documents/letters that I wrote to The Hindu while I was working in The Hindu as Dispatch contractor.  I am publishing the documents just to show that my work there was real and that this blog is not about an attempt to malign the image of anybody but just to show that my anguish and disappointment that I had gone through while working there were real. I will edit this post later and add more documents to prove that what I had written in my previous posts was correct.

Fist Document
Second Document

Third Document

Fourth Document

Fifth Document

Monday, May 5, 2014

Three Villains (dramatis personae)

                          I am publishing the photos of three men who are responsible for all “my business travail” in “The Hindu” for more than 10 years as Dispatch Contractor.

         I had earlier helped them in their business, but they cheated me and made me assume the responsibility of Dispatch work in The Hindu on a false promise that I would be offered a News Agency, while at the same time, all the three of them through Mr. P. Subramaniam who was the agent of The Hindu in Singannalur, had some secret understanding with the branch manager (later Regional Manager) Mr. N.S. Gobalakrishnan that they would work and never allow me to get an agency.

         At that time, running a newspaper agency was a lucrative business, particularly for The Hindu.  This fact was the reason why appointment of agents enabled the branch manager to earn extra money than his salary, and the branch manger wanted to use me to bifurcate areas from the then Coimbatore agent and see it to some persons who were close to him, and I was used to write letter to the head office asking for news agency in Coimbatore area.

         This was the main reason for recruiting me as the dispatch contractor, and they had only an incidental interest in running the dispatch work efficiently.  The manager and his cohorts putting many obstacles in my running the dispatch work was another proof that the branch manager’s motive in hiring me was only to write letters to the head office regarding Coimbatore agency bifurcation.

         Now these people are trying to eliminate all evidence of my help in their business with the help of The Hindu.  Eventually, I would be able to prove to them that

“If you succeed in cheating someone, don't think that the person is a fool…Realize that the person trusted you much, more than you deserved.”

         There are two more persons (Soundarrajan and Ramchandran ) who are somewhat involved in the “palace intrigue,” the role of the first I can somewhat surmise, but the role of the second is a mystery as “palace intrigues” always have such mysteries.

         I would write more about this issue in my coming posts.


Third person from the left is Mr. P. Subramanian, agent for "The Hindu" at Singanallur. The next person to his left is Mr. P. Ramachandran, and to his left is Mr. P. Sadasivam, my brother.  These three persons along with the branch manager, Mr. N.S. Goabalakrishnan, whose photo was published earlier, are the persons responsible for my business travail. These three persons are behaving like, when we happen to meet, as if they are seeing me for the first time in life, including my brother!!!

The person in the extreme left is Mr. P. Sounder Rajan, and the person in the extreme right is Mr. Ramachandran, both of whom are somewhat involved in the "palace intrigue" and I will write about them later in my future posts.  This photo was taken during my marriage in 1989.