Sunday, January 22, 2012

More About Packing and Dispatch Work

Further to my posting yesterday, I will continue to write about Packing and Dispatch work and make the picture clear.

Conveyor Work and Counting  When the paper comes out of the conveyor, there were four workers assigned for the job of collecting the paper from the conveyor and count the copies in 25s and stack them ready for issuing labels.

This work needs some training because collecting the papers from conveyor if not done properly will lead to problems.  Papers will be thrown out randomly and I have to deploy additional workers to stake them neatly for issuing labels. Apart from this, the stakes of papers are to be counted in 25s for easy labeling.

Counting has to be done very fast and the workers are trained to count in 5s quickly. When a new machine was installed, the machine did the counting, but the worker at the conveyor had to look for every 25 copies separated by a distance from the next 25-copy heap to allow the other workers to keep the papers in stacks of 25s.