Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Motive of the Branch Manger in Appointing Me as Dispatch Contractor

         In my post dated June 9, 2013, I wrote about the motive of the Branch Manger in hiring me as dispatch contractor.  It was for the purpose of asking me to write a letter to the Head Office asking for the news agency at Ramanathapuram in order to bifurcate the Coimbatore Agency and offer the agency to some other persons for some financial gain.  I was made to write the letter by promising me that I would offer the news agency if Ramanathapuram was bifurcated.

         Being a private company, he can expect and get such financial gain (of course without violating the laws of the land, which I will deal with in detail in a separate post later, about which I have sought some expert opinion),  and this was an issue between him and the management of the company, but in my case, this involves breach of contract by the branch manager in regard to his promise of offering me a newspaper agency.

         The Branch Manger first tested by sending trial balloons whether I would be ready to offer him and he would get such a financial gain from me if I am offered the news agency at Ramanathapuram.  He got the opportunity for that when I went to ask him whether he would help me get admission to my son to a reputed matriculation school in Coimbatore through the Correspondent of The Hindu at Coimbatore who had very good influence in the society because of his position in The Hindu.

         The branch manager informed that he could easily help me to get that admission for my son but that he would often expect favors from me often times and that it would be difficult for me to satisfy that.  I did not know much about that correspondent of The Hindu, but I realized that he was telling me that to know indirectly whether I would be ready to offer some financial reward for giving me newspaper agency.  I then withdrew that request for that favor to get admission to that school, and I admitted my son to another school without anyone's help.

         From then onwards, that branch manager decided that I would not be of any use to him and that in fact I would be an obstacle for him getting financial gain by offering newspaper agencies in Coimbatore and suburban areas in future because I may be a candidate for such an agency and he had to offer some excuse for rejecting my application for agency.

         Another factor that helped him in getting such financial reward from offering agency was that there was not an equally good newspaper such as Times of India to compete with The Hindu and it had almost a monopoly status here, and because of this there were many persons who would offer financial reward for getting an agency with an assured market and assured profit.

         What I am wondering about is why those whom I helped in the first place getting two news paper agencies asked me to take the dispatch work, and why the branch manager asked them to make me take the dispatch contract work.  The Branch Manager's motive is clear as I have explained in this post, but why those whom I helped wanted to commit treason to me is what is baffling me.  Of course, they have got many of their friends and relatives agencies such as two agencies at Edyarpalayam in Coimbatore ,Tirupur, R S Puram, Rathinapuri, Ram Nagar, etc., but what I am wondering about is whether they expected to get these agencies and whether the Branch Manager had made assurances to them that if I am made the dispatch contractor that they would get these agencies for their friends and relatives.  When and if I get answers these questions, I will post them in my future articles.

         Any reader is welcome to offer me his suggestions and guesses regarding these questions .
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