Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letters Sent to "Three Villains."

       I have sent a letter to the “Three Villains” (P. Subramaniam, P. Ramachandran, and K. Sadasivam, the last one is my brother) through a courier service containing copies of two posts from my blog with a covering letter to make sure that they are aware of the existence of my blog and that they would not feign ignorance of its very existence in future when the occasion comes for them to answer about the accusations made in the blog.

       Although I already guessed that one of them through his daughter had visited the blog a year ago, he can deny that.  Of course, I can prove that, but still, I wanted to make doubly sure that they know about my blog through me directly.

       What gave me to the idea of writing this letter was their behavior of acting in public as if they have not known me at all, acting as if I am a stranger to them. What would have led to this attitude was the question in my mind for some time.

       It was either the fear of their betrayal that if known public would make them cheaters in and around the community in which they live or if I had committed some evil or unlawful thing during my association with them that would harm them.

       If the details in my blog are known in public, it would be very difficult for them to claim that the later was the case, and at the same time, they have to defend themselves about the accusations against them that are implicit in the details of my working in the dispatch section in “The Hindu” for more than 10 years.

       The two posts the copies of which I sent to them are:

       The post titled “Am I working under a good Manager?” dated November 7, 2011.

       The post titled “Three Villains” dated May 5, 2014.

       I wrote at the end of the covering letter the following:  “I may make this public (there are many possible ways which I am thinking about) in Tamil with Photos in and around Varadarajapuram, Hopes, Upplipalayam, Singannallur, etc., with the address of my blog.”

       I had another motive for sending the letter. By the recent behavior of those “Three Villians,” I had a suspicion that they were getting advice on how to deal with me (and not deal with me at all in some issues) and that they do not take their own decision on any issues involving me without advice from that source.

       The letters were sent on May 31, 2014.  Already 16 days have passed, and none of them have shown any inclination of having received that letter, and this confirmed my suspicion that they are in fact receiving advice along the lines that they would be protected come what may!

       Even when I was working in The Hindu, I knew that the branch manager was advising them on issues that involve me in any way.  I now even suspect that my brother, who is one among the three, by the way he treated my mother and father when they were alive, was doing that on the advice of the branch manager to give me psychological pressure. If this be the case, I wonder what kind of human beings they are.

       There are many unauthorized activities that I suspect are going on in my blog in an attempt to silence me.  I want to test how far they will go in doing that.

       I will continue to run my blog and post more articles and try to keep the blog as long as possible because I am doing the right thing in my battle.

       I know that they have a large number of software experts at their disposal to tamper my blog, and if and when they do so, it would be a clear sign of them being wrong with regard to their association with me.  Therefore, I do not expect them to tamper my blog but would use other methods to give trouble to me. Let me see what happens!

       On my part,  I will try to keep fighting using my limited software knowledge to maintain my blog alive as much as possible.

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